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Absorption Chiller & Heat Pump FAQ

Absorption Chiller & Heat Pump FAQ



1.What is LiBr absorption chiller or heat pump?

It’s a kind of heat exchange equipment, which adopts the lithium bromide (LiBr) solution as a cycling working medium and water as refrigerant to generate cooling or heating for commercial use or industrial process.

2.In which kind fields the absorption unit is applicable?

Where there is waste heat, there is absorption unit, such as commercial buildings, special industrial factories, power plant, heating plant, etc.

3.What kind heat source can be used as the driven source and how many types are divided?

Based on different heat source, absorption unit can be divided into five types as below:
Hot water fired, steam fired, direct fired, exhaust /flue gas fired and multi energy type.

4.What are the major equipment in a classic absorption chiller system?

A full absorption chiller system shall contain absorption chiller, cooling tower, water pumps, filters, pipes, water treatment devices, terminals, and some other measuring instruments.

5.What’s the basic information required before model selection?

• Cooling demand;
• Available heat from driven heat source;
• Cooling water inlet/outlet temperature;
• Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature;
Hot water type: hot water inlet/outlet temperature.
Steam type: steam pressure.
Direct type: Fuel type and calorific value.
Exhaust type: exhaust inlet/outlet temperature.

6.What is the COP of absorption chiller ?

Hot water, steam type: 0.7-0.8 for single effect, 1.3-1.4 for double effect.
Direct type: 1.3-1.4
Exhaust type:1.3-1.4

7.What’s the major components of absorption unit?

Generator (HTG), condenser, absorber, evaporator, solution heat exchanger, canned pumps, electric cabinet, etc.

8.What’s standard of heat exchanger tube materials?

Copper tube is the standard supply to overseas market, but we can also use stainless tube, nickel copper tubes or titanium tubes fully customized based on customer request.

9.Which kind mode the unit work, via modulation or with on-off ways?

The absorption unit can be operated by two methods.
Auto run: operated by modulation control. - PLC program.
Manual run: operated by On-off button manually.

10.What kind valve absorption unit adopt to regulate the heat source, and which kind signal it responds?

3-way motor valve is used for hot water and exhaust gas unit.
2-way motor valve is used for steam fired unit.
Burner is used for direct fired unit.
Feedback signal can be 0~10V or 4~20mA.

11.Does the absorption unit have a manual or automatic purging system to take out the non-condensable air inside? How does the purge system work?

There are auto-purge system and vacuum pump on chiller. When the chiller is operating, auto-purge system will purge the non-condensable air to air chamber. When the air in air chamber reach to the setting level, control system will suggest to run the vacuum pump. On each chiller, there is a note indicating how to purge.

12.Are there safety systems for the over-pressure of the absorption unit?

All Deepblue absorption unit is equipped with temperature controller, pressure controller and rupture disk to avoid high pressure inside the unit.

13.Which type of protocols are available to give external signals to the client?

Modbus, Profibus, Dry Contract are available, or other methods customized for customer.

14.Does the absorption unit have a remote monitor system through Internet?

Deepblue has built a remote monitor center in factory headquarter, which can real-time monitor the operating data of any single unit equipped with F-Box. Deepblue can analyze the operation data and inform the user if any failure appears.

15.What is the maximum and minimum ambient temperatures can the unit work?

The working temperature is 5~40℃.

16.Can Deepblue provide the FAT before delivery?

Each unit before leaving factory will be tested. All customers are welcomed to witness the performance testing, and a testing report will be issued.

17.Is the water/LiBr solution already loaded in unit before delivery? or separately?

Normally, all units adopt whole/overall transportation, which are tested in factory and sent out with solution inside.
When the dimension of unit exceeds transportation restriction, split transportation shall be adopted. Some huge connection components and LiBr solution shall be packed and transported separately.

18.How Deepblue handle the commissioning?

Solution A: Deepblue can dispatch our engineer onsite for first start-up and conduct a basic training for user and operator. But this standard solution becomes quite difficult because of the Covid-19 virus, so we got solution B and solution C.
Solution B: Deepblue will prepare a set of detailed commissioning and operation instruction/course for user and on-site operator, and our team will provide a WeChat on-line/video instruction when customer start up the chiller.
Solution C: Deepblue can send one of our overseas partner to site to provide commissioning service.

19.How often does the unit need inspection and maintenance? (purge system)

Detailed inspection and maintenance schedule are described in User Manual. Please follow that steps.

20.Which is the period of guarantee of the absorption unit?

Warranty period is 18 months from shipment or 12 months after commissioning, whichever comes early.

21.What is the minimum lifetime of the absorption unit?

The minimum designed lifetime is 20 years, after 20 years, the unit should be inspected by technicians for further operation.