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Hope Deepblue Always Provides Professional After-sales Service to All Users


Hope Deepblue Always Provides Professional After-sales Service to All Users

Hope Deepblue has always contributed itself to energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, Deepblue has participated in a large number of HVAC, cooling and district heating projects, designed and produced various types of LiBr absorption chiller and absorption heat pump, including low temp. absorption chiller, two-step absorption chiller, class II heat pump, etc. The cooling and heating capacity range from the smallest to the largest. At the same time, there is a professional after-sales team to ensure the normal operation of the machine in the client side and continue to provide a variety of professional services.

The hot sun in July scorched the earth, but it could not quench the passion and responsibility of the Deepblue people. As after-sales service engineers of Hope Deepblue, our mission is to bring coolness and comfort to every customer in hot summer. (Hope Deepblue takes a) Always with a professional and efficient attitude, constantly provides customers with the best quality service.

Recently, Hope Deepblue provided the service to Henan Puyang Shengyuan Energy Technology Co., LTD., located in Fan County of Puyang, "the hometown of Zhengbanqiao Culture in Henan Province". The company has purchased a hot water absorption chiller with cooling capacity 1750kW from Hope Deepblue. During the commissioning, there were different problems, such as customer system installation, shortage of power supply, insufficient heat source flow and temperature. With the inspection, communication, coordination and actual situation, Hope Deepblue engineer adjusted the absorption chiller in time to make it operate stably in order to meet the needs of refrigeration. Finally, the customer was satisfied with the unit and the commissioning, making the successful acceptance.






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