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Hope Deepblue Attended the 2nd Chengdu International Industry Expo


Hope Deepblue Attended the 2nd Chengdu International Industry Expo

On April 26, the 2nd Chengdu International Industry Expo (CDIIF), with the theme of "Industry leads and empowers new industrial development ", held at the Western China International Expo City, lasting for three days. Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., LTD., with Senlan Technology Co., LTD., and other companies which are majoring in energy and chemical sector, intelligent technology sector and other major, participated in the Chengdu Expo.

The Expo set seven exhibition areas, focusing on the key industries such as industrial automation, CNC machine tools and metal processing, robotics, information technology (industrial Internet), new materials, energy saving and industrial supporting, etc. Particularly, Sichuan Industrial Museum had been set up, which is deeply in line with the new industrial system of Sichuan Province and a new round of energy level effect. The exhibition, covering 60,000 square meters, gathered 650 exhibitors from all over the world. Hope Deepblue in the No. 11 exhibition hall of Sichuan Industry Museum.


The main products of Hope Deepblue include lithium bromide absorption chiller and heat pump, which have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions so far. Compared to electric chiller, LiBr absorption chiller is a type of non-electric chiller, powered by different heat sources to provide cooling for air conditioning or industrial process. Just like Thermax and Broad, Deepblue’s product line also covers all types of absorption unit, such as hot water absorption chiller, steam fired absorption chiller, flue gas absorption chiller, solar absorption chiller, multi-energy absorption chiller. LiBr absorption heat pump is a heat-powered machine, which recycles and transfers low temperature waste heat to high temperature heat sources for the purpose of process heating or district heating.


Sichuan Industry Museum focuses on the development of Sichuan's local industry and achievements, builds a high-quality manufacturing field of communication and cooperation platform for the world, through physical objects, models, text, video and other ways, pays attention to the display of key technologies and top-class products of Sichuan's new advantageous enterprises. Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Company affiliated to Continental Hope Group, as the leader of HVAC products manufacturer, representing many key enterprises and outstanding enterprises of new industries in Sichuan Province, appeared in the Sichuan Industrial Pavilion, which will play an important demonstration and leading role in the transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement of Sichuan manufacturing enterprises.

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