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Hope Deepblue LiBr Absorption Heat Pump in Baotou Rare Aluminum Factory


Hope Deepblue LiBr Absorption Heat Pump in Baotou Rare Aluminum Factory

Recently, a good news came from Baotou rare aluminum electric factory. A complete set of low pressure steam absorption heat pumpsystem, supplied by Hope Deepblue, was successfully commissioned at one time. More citizens can enjoy the warm in the winter at first time. This absorption heat pump system not only brings continuous and stable heating for city, but also creates more Green and Cleanness.

To defend the blue sky, there is a profound heating revolution in the vast northern central heating area, the key point is to eliminate pollution and backward heating sources, replace all with clean energy. The low pressure absorption steam heat pump of Hope Deepblue conforms to the trend of time and meets market demand.

Low pressure absorption steam heat pump, which is the representative of the LiBr absorption unit industry, was strict with the design of heat pump and the operation of system, this is the embodiment of comprehensive strength of LiBr heat absorption heat pump low pressure steam extraction of the steam turbine in the power plant, recovering the latent heat of steam turbine, supplying heating for cities and reducing the load for power plant condenser.


The main feature and innovation of the project is 1 set of heat pump recovers low pressure steam of 2 sets of steam turbine, which is equipped with the following functions, such as automatically keep constant steam turbine exhaust pressure, keep constant district heating water temperature, two-step evaporation&absorption, two- step condensation&generation, integrated steam temperature and pressure reducing system, steam condensate recovery system, low pressure steam condensate system, full-automatic vacuum maintenance system, remote operation and maintenance management,etc.

The heating capacity of 1 unit super-large low pressure absorption heat pump is 73MW, with dimension 11.5*5.5*9.5m and operation weight 300 ton. In this project, heat pump undertakes basic load of heating supply. In the heating period, heat pump operates with whole load and has capacity to undertake 3,000,000 m2 of heat supply for urban residents. The heat pump recoveries low pressure steam residual heat 32MW with COP 1.78. It can provide central heating in 160 days. The whole recovery residual heat is 45,000,000GJ per year. According to 20CNY/GJ, it can produce 9,000,000 CNY economic benefits per year, saving coal 17,000 tons and water 180,000 tons per year, reducing nitrogen dioxide emission about 44,000 tons per year. Realize a win-win situation of economic and social benefits.

In recent years, Hope Deepblue has been undertook many projects like Bao Steel thermal plant, Tongliao thermal plant, Shengli oil field and so on. Besides, there are many absorption heat pump installations applied in overseas market, such as Copenhagen heating plant and Torring heating plant in Denmark, Wagrein heating plant in Austria. More and more absorption heat pump applications show that Hope Deepblue has great power in LiBr absorption heat pump industry.

Heating is what requested by citizens, and supply heating cleanly is the trend of time.
Hope Deepblue has been established for 20 years, always be devoted to waste heat utilization and research, produce, sell, service for energy saving and emission reduction products.

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