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Hope Deepblue Special Oil Field Absorption Heat Pump gains Massive Attention


Hope Deepblue Special Oil Field Absorption Heat Pump gains Massive Attention

The northwest part of China has stepped into winter with piercing wind, the oil filed type LiBr absorption heat pump, designed and manufactured by Hope Deepblue, gained massive attention and popularity in a waste heat recovery project in Bali oil area. With the increasingly worsening energy supply situation, more and more importance has been paid to energy conservation and emission reduction when constructing oil field project. In the process of oil and gas production and treatment, a large amount of sewage is generated, with temperature ranging 50-70℃. The traditional treatment for this part sewage is to recharge and discharge. Actually in northwest area, especially in oil field area, where water source is quite difficult to obtain, this method has very low economy and is unfavorable to environment protection.

In this situation, Deepblue provided a more economic solution to oil field, adopting LiBr absorption heat pump to recover the waste heat of sewage. In this way, a recycling heating cycle system can not only lower the gas consumption and recover the low grade waste heat, but also raise the hot water temperature to 90-95℃, which can be applied to oil field process heating insulation, crude oil heating, district heating, saving 1/3 gas than direct boiler.

The LiBr absorption heat pump unit is not equipped a compressor, driven by natural gas, consuming very little power, can minimize energy consumption and environmental pollution, and is very suitable for use as waste heat recovery equipment for oil and gas fields. After the heat pump starts operation, the relevant persons in charge of the surrounding oil and gas treatment stations visited the machine room successively. All of them are appreciative to this kind energy saving and emission reduction way.


Since establishment from 1997, Hope Deepblue is not only engaged in the fields of air conditioning, refrigeration and district/city heating, with products line covering almost all types LiBr absorption chiller and LiBr absorption heat pump, but also devoted itself to providing system solution to users, such as Fully new released premixed extra low NOx vacuum boiler, CCHP system, distributed energy system.


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