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Successful Commissioning of Henan Yirui New Materials project


Successful Commissioning of Henan Yirui New Materials project

Henan Yirui New Materials project built digital intelligence integration of high-tech intelligent technology factory by utilizing high standard construction production line of comprehensive utilization of renewable resources. 


Recently, Hope Deepblue fully customized one unit hot water LiBr absorption chiller for Henan Yirui New Materials project. This absorption chiller is applied to recover the waste heat from process and produce cooling for factory production process.

Even though the weather is terrible during the first start with unexpected heavy snow, which made the circulating water temperature unable to reach the standard, the commissioning completed successfully one time under the efforts of Hope Deepblue after-sales engineers. Under the analysis and observation, the after-sales engineers relied on professional technical strength and rich commissioning experience, grasped the opportunity to operate the unit stably, and finally successfully passed the user acceptance.


 Hope Deepblue always contributed itself to energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, Deepblue participated in more than more HVAC projects, designed and produced many types LiBr absorption chiller and absorption heat pump, including low temp. absorption chiller, two-step absorption chiller, class II heat pump, etc. The cooling and heating capacity range from the smallest to the largest.


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Post time: Jun-13-2023