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The Importance of Cooling Water for LiBr Absorption Chiller


The Importance of Cooling Water for LiBr Absorption Chiller.

The main product of Hope Deepblue are LiBr absorption chiller and heat pump, and when the  LiBr absorption unit operation. cooling water as an essential part in our unit

1. The effect of cooling water

The stable operation of LiBr absorption chiller is affected by many external factors,while cooling water is used as a carrier for heat exchange in LiBr absorption chiller which transferring the heat generated by the three physical phenomena of absorption, evaporation, and condensation within the unit to the cooling water, which is ultimately brought out to the outside of the unit through the cooling water cycle, and dispersing the heat to the atmosphere through the cooling tower.

2. The effect of high cooling water temperature for LiBr absorption chiller

When the cooling water temperature rises, the solution temperature rises causing the pressure in the absorber to rise, resulting in a decrease in the absorption capacity of the LiBr solution. At the same time, due to the decline in the absorption effect of the LiBr solution, resulting in the evaporator water vapor partial pressure rise evaporation decreased, and ultimately the evaporator will stop evaporation.


Post time: Apr-30-2024