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The Regular Inspection and Maintenance of LiBr Absorption Unit


The regular inspection and maintenance of LiBr absorption unit

The life span of Hope Deepblue LiBr absorption chiller is about 20-25 years. In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the unit, some professional and meticulous regular inspection and maintenance works are required. The following are the main items that need to be checked regularly for LiBr absorption units:

Actually, there are much more maintenance works need to be done, such as diaphragm valve replacement, electrical components inspection, etc. Whether it is LiBr absorption chiller or LiBr absorption heat pump, Hope Deepblue can customize a comprehensive regular inspection and maintenance program according to individual project, to maintain the performance of the LiBr absorption unit.

1. Vacuum pump

As we all know, vacuum is the life of LiBr absorption unit. The vacuum state is realized by vacuum pump during the operation) , so we can find out and avoid the vacuum damage in advance by regularly checking the purge performance of vacuum pump.

2. Canned pump

Canned pump includes solution pump and refrigerant pump, which is the “heart” of LiBr absorption unit. The absorbent (LiBr solution) and refrigerant (refrigerant water) are delivered to corresponding components via those pumps. It can find out and avoid the worse operation effect of the unit by regularly checking the performance of canned pump.


3. LiBr solution

LiBr solution is the “blood” of LiBr absorption unit. As the only medium during the operation of the unit, the quality of LiBr solution directly affects the performance of LiBr absorption unit. It can prevent hazards caused by leakage or corrosion of metal materials by regularly checking the gravity and cleanliness of LiBr solution .

4. Heat exchanger tube

The heat exchanger tube as a important channel for heat exhanger of LiBr absorption unit, by regularly checking the condition of scaling, blockage, foreign matter, impurities and other problems, the cleaning works of cooling water pipe, cooling tower and other aspects are recommended, to prevent LiBr absorption unit from cooling capacity attenuation, and maintain long-term and stable operation.

Post time: Jan-19-2024