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The Role of Isooctanol in LiBr Absorption Unit.


The Role of Isooctanol in LiBr Absorption Unit.

Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturer main products are LiBr absorption chiller and heat pump. LiBr solution is very important as the blood of the unit, but is it the only LiBr solution inside the unit? Not really, in order to improve the heat and mass exchange effect of heat exchange equipment, surfactants are often added to the LiBr solution. Such substances can strongly reduce the surface tension. Commonly used surfactant is isooctanol, experiments show that after adding isooctanol, the cooling capacity of LiBr absorption chiller is increased by about 10% -15%.

The mechanism of adding surfactant to improve the performance of the unit is as follows.

1. Improve the absorption effect of the absorber

After adding iso isooctanol to the LiBr solution, the surface tension decreases, which enhances the combining ability of the solution and water vapor, and for the same heat transfer surface, the contact surface will increase, and the absorption effect is enhanced.

 2. Improve the condensation effect of the condenser

The addition of isooctanol plays a role in improving the condensation surface. Water vapor containing isooctanol and copper tube surface almost completely infiltrated, and then quickly formed a layer of liquid film, so that water vapor condensation on the surface of the copper tube from the original membrane condensation state into bead condensation. The surface heat transfer coefficient of the bead condensation is about two times higher than that of the film condensation, thus improving the heat transfer effect during condensation.


Post time: Apr-19-2024