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The Working Principle of Automatic Purge Device


The Working Principle of Automatic Purge Device

In Hope Deeeblue we commonly used purging devices are mechanical vacuum purging device and automatic purging device.The working principle is: Utilizing the jet impact of the high-pressure liquid stream discharged from the solution pump to form a low-pressure zone at the outlet end of the ejector, the non-condensable gas is purged out, and the formation of gas-liquid two-phase fluid enters the gas-liquid separator.Since the the pipe of automatic purge device is pipe casing, when the gas-liquid two-phase fluid get into the bottom of pipe casing, the solution will back to absorber from the bottom, while the non-condensable gas will go from the hollow portion in the casing to the air chamber.

LiBr absorption chiller is working in vacuum, the air is easy to leak into the unit through poorly sealed connection. The non-condensable gas and air not only affect the cooling capacity, but also affect the operation of unit. And the air will also accelerate the corrosion of metal materials which will affects the life of unit. So, the automatic purge device is necessary for LiBr absorption chiller.


Post time: May-16-2024