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To Discover How to Transport the Bulky Cargoes in Foreign Trade- Split Delivery


To Discover How to Transport the Bulky Cargoes in Foreign Trade- Split Delivery

In order to chase green, environment protection, sustainable development world, Hope Deepblue, as an expert of waste heat utilization, always persists in the concept of efficient utilization of resources, energy saving and carbon reduction, which sets a development guideline of "Based in China, Serving the World", researches and develops all kinds of LiBr absorption chillers, LiBr absorption heat pumps and Fully premixed low NOx vacuum hot water boiler for customers in many countries and regions around the world.

In addition to combining with generator set to form a CCHP distributed energy system, Hope Deepblue has continuously achieved application innovation and breakthrough in various industrial fields in recent years, to contribute more hope and strength for the world carbon neutral. However, affected by market demand and limited size of the machine room, customers often require an super large unit with large high cooling or heating capacity, so that it makes the size of the unit too long or too high or too wide, which can not be transported as a whole unit.

Therefore, split delivery is required. When the unit is transported to the site, it’s assembled in destination by Hope Deepblue or local partner engineers. Usually, the large unit can be divided into 4 parts in general:

1.Upper shell / High temperature generator
2. Lower shell / Main body
3. LiBr solution
4. Spare parts&pipes required for assembly


The helium leak detection test, hydraulic pressure test and electric test of each part will be done in the factory, serial number of the pipes which need to be welded/connected on the site will be marked before delivery. 3D drawings and the actual goods to analyse the assembling step of the unit will be provided. So far, Hope Deepblue has completed several projects of separate transportation at home and abroad. The advantage is that Hope Deepblue consistently provides 100% customized one-stop energy solutions for customers.
Hope Deepblue, make the world greener and the sky bluer!


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