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Types of Heat Exchangers


Types of Heat Exchangers

Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the main products are LiBr absorption chiller and heat pump, they are essentially a large heat exchanger, there are some small heat exchangers in our units, usually plate heat exchanger and shell and tube heat exchanger, so what is the difference between these two kinds of heat exchangers?

Shell and tube heat exchanger by the shell, heat transfer tube bundle, tube plate, folding plate (baffle) and tube box and other components. The shell is mostly cylindrical, with tube bundles inside, and the ends of the tube bundles are fixed on the tube plate. There are two kinds of hot and cold fluids for heat transfer, one is the fluid inside the tube, which is called the tube-side fluid, and the other is the fluid outside the tube, which is called the shell-side fluid. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid outside the tube, a number of baffles are usually provided inside the tube shell. The baffles can increase the velocity of the fluid inside the shell course, so that the fluid passes through the tube bundle several times at a specified distance, improving the turbulence of the fluid.

Plate heat exchanger is made of a number of stamped and corrugated thin plate at certain intervals, surrounded by gasket sealing, and overlapped with a frame and compression screws. The four corner holes in the plates and gaskets form the fluid distributor and collector tube. At the same time, the cold and hot fluids are rationalized so that they are separated on each side of each plate. It flows in the channels and exchanges heat through the plates.


The different structures of these two heat exchangers will also bring different heat exchange effects. Hope Deepblue will match the corresponding heat exchanger to the unit through careful design of each product and bring better products to customers.

Post time: Mar-29-2024