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What is an Automatic De-crystallization Device?


What is an Automatic De-crystallization Device?

1. What is crystallization?
Through the crystallization curve of LiBr solution, it can be clearly understood that crystallization depends on the mass fraction of the LiBr solution. Under a certain mass fraction, the temperature is lower than a certain value, or under a certain temperature, the solution mass fraction is higher than a certain value, the solution will crystallize. Once the LiBr absorption unit crystallization will directly affect the unit operation or even stop.

2. Automatic De-crystallization device
In order to prevent crystallization in the operation of the unit, the unit of Hope Deepblue A/C is equipped with automatic De-crystallization device, usually located in the generator at the outlet end of the concentrated solution, known as De-crystallization tube. When the crystallization is relatively minor, the unit itself can automatically melt the crystal. Concentrated solution outlet crystallization blockage, the generator's liquid level is getting higher and higher, when the liquid level is high enough to melt the crystal tube position, the solution bypasses the low-temperature heat exchanger, directly from the De-crystallization tube back to the absorber, so that the temperature of the dilute solution rises, the dilute solution through the heat exchanger, on the crystallization of the concentrated solution heating, the crystals are automatically dissolved, the unit to return to normal operation.


Post time: Apr-12-2024