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Why Should Li2MoO4 Be Added to LiBr Absorption Units?


Why Should Li2MoO4 Be Added to LiBr Absorption Units?

As a very experienced manufacturer of LiBr absorption unit, the main products of Hope Deepblue are LiBr absorption chiller and heat pump. The LiBr solution is the most important solution in our units, but it is not the only one. A small amount of Li2MoO4 solution is also added to the unit's solution.

Why is the Li2MoO4 solution added? It is to prevent the LiBr solution from corroding the unit. LiBr solution has a corrosive effect on metals, and after a chemical reaction will generate hydrogen gas. Therefore, adding Li2MoO4 as a corrosion inhibitor can effectively inhibit the corrosion of lithium bromide solution on the unit. Through chemical reaction, Li2MoO4 forms a fine protective film on the metal surface, preventing the contact of alkaline solution, oxygen and metal.

Anti-corrosion mechanism of Li2MoO4 Li2MoO4 and iron complete the following reaction:


Post time: May-11-2024