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Baotou Rare Aluminium Thermal Power Station


Baotou Rare Aluminium Thermal Power Station

Low Pressure Steam LiBr Absorption Heat Pump

Project location: Baotou, Inner Mongolia

Equipment selection:
2 unit 31.63MW steam LiBr absorption heat pump
1 unit 68MW steam LiBr absorption heat pump

Main function: District heating

General introduction

In 2018, Baotou Rare Aluminium company, affiliated to East Hope Group, re-construct low pressure steam in the power station, recover the waste heat to realize the comprehensive utilization of energy.

The implementation and application of the heat pump technology is to recover the heat of the steam pump, improve the temperature of circulating water in the heat supply station, and be used for urban central heating and other living needs. Baotou Aluminum Thermal power station has a total of four units, each unit is equipped with a steam pump.The steam pump adopts the steam turbine three-stage extraction as the driven source, completes the low pressure steam to the steam turbine condenser, is cooled by the circulating cooling water, condenses it into water, then its heat is taken away by the circulating water and drained. At the same time, the low pressure steam from steam pump coming into the condenser, which will affect the vacuum condition of steam turbine, increase coal consumption and circulating water evaporation. Focus on the problem of waste heat recovery of steam pump, power plant has been looking for the best solution. Finally, through the actual system research, site investigation, feasibility scheme discussion and actual thermal calculation, finally decided to select DEEPBLUE’s new research and heat pump technology to finish the heat recovery.


Heat pump technology solutions started with unit 1. The project began in June 2017, started commissioning in October, and officially put into use on November 2, the project not only reduced the heat loss of the steam pump, can also recover the heat loss, used for heating. It can heat one thousand tonnes water from 60 ° C to 90 ° C per hour and provide heating for the city network.

The project is implemented in three phases with a total heating capacity 131MW.The heat pump system operates stably after operation, and has get great efficiency in heat recovery, vacuum improvement and water consumption reduction. Based on approved calculation, the recovery benefit of steam during heating season is more than 17 million CNY (approx 2.58 million USD), the benefit of improving vacuum is nearly 450,000 CNY (approx 68,180 USD), and the benefit of reducing water consumption is nearly 900,000 CNY (approx 136,360USD). The actual benefit is basically consistent with the calculated result.

Technical Data

Heating capacity: 31.63MW/unit
Qty: 2 unit
DHW inlet: 60°C
DHW outlet: 90°C
Low pressure temp./steam: 11.8kPa(a)
Driven steam pressure: 0.883MPa(G)
Dimension: 9753*4717*5750mm
Operation weight: 100t/unit
COP: ≥1.8


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