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S.N 7 – Qian’an Jiujiang Coking Project


S.N 7 - Qian'an Jiujiang Coking Project

Project location: Hebei, Qian’an
Equipment selection: 5 unit 9651KW steam fired LiBr absorption chiller
Main function: Make production process cooling water

General introduction

Qian’an Jiujiang corporation is a large private enterprise, it was established in 1996. High-temperature coke oven gas must undergo a stable cooling process to separate high-value coal tar, naphthalene and other by-products from it. So, it has high requirement for the function, operation reliability and stability of absorption chiller. If the cooling temperature can not reach the demand, not only the output of tar, naphthalene and other by-products will reduce, but also the quality of coke oven gas will decrease. Can not be separated coal tar in coke oven gas is bound on the inner wall of the transmission pipeline when it is cold, blocking the transmission pipeline, binding on the combustion equipment, and damaging the combustion equipment. Only the special absorption chiller for coke industry with stable and reliable operation and excellent performance can be applied to the coke production process. Otherwise, if absorption chiller has quality failure, it will bring huge economic losses to users. But absorption chiller with large cooling capacity like 830,000,0kcal/h, it has higher request for the function, operation reliability and stability of the unit.

Project highlights

Super large coking absorption chiller
Each cooling capacity is 9670kw, evaporator and absorber are arranged from left to right. Although a large number of high-efficiency copper tubes are used, the total weight still exceeds 64 tons.


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